You should know the true essence before buying mechanical replica watches

When it comes to mechanical replica watches, most people will say that the degree of exquisiteness of the mechanical watch movement is like a work of art, and the reason why the mechanical watch is expensive is because the craftsmanship of the movement is extremely complicated, and some people will tell you how many mechanical watches can be worn. Ten years can even be passed on to the next generation. Do these views really stand up to scrutiny? Should you know the true essence before buying a mechanical replica watch?

In terms of functionality, mechanical replica watches have long been obsolete products, but the reason why they can survive is because it has been transformed into a purely decorative luxury product replica omega. After all, when you are rich and want to show off, it is too rustic to hit a 5 catty gold chain across your neck. And wearing an expensive replica watch can instantly show your identity. The key is that everyone recognizes the replica watch!

The life of a mechanical replica watch mainly depends on the life of the movement. After disassembling the movement, you will find that the main structure of the movement is a pile of steel wheels and conductive wheels. Obviously these parts are high-wear parts, and the average lifespan is only 8- 15 years.

Mechanical replica watches do not have absolute precision, even Patek Philippe and Rolex have their own standard large three-hand minimalist watch movement that advertises high precision. Although more than 80% of the new watches in the initial stage can achieve an error within 0-2 seconds, if you are very serious about the error and find that the error has become 5 seconds, you must repair it. Basically, more than 80% of the mechanical replica watches This happens all the time, this is a mental illness that needs to be treated!

In addition, don't talk about value preservation when buying replica watches. Even the hot and exaggerated watch models are actually the same as the most popular limited edition bags of Herm¨¨s ten years ago Omega replica. After a certain period of time, they are still eliminated like rubbish and worthless.

So when you understand this, when choosing a replica watch, there is no need to choose the most expensive one. Choose one that is of similar grade and price, and you can easily afford it. After all, sometimes the practice of putting the car key on the waist has been regarded as rustic.